Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Fashion Event

It's Fashion time!! As a self-confessed fashionista, what better way to start off my blog.

The very anticipated fashion event, brought to us by Fusion: Fashion and Beauty Events, featured various designers from: dzyN couture, Tai, House of Silk, Phunkafrique, House of Marie, Coco’ Couture and Urban Style.
Other participants include
Kazelo, The Source,TM Lewin, Soulskin, Literati, Fully Charged, Ola accessories, Gemstones, Pillow talk, Sleek JamesLULLY, Fabrica, Mi Regalio, Jiddas pride and so much more!

There was also FUSION salon for fast fixes run by Kazelo, a photostudio for instant mini photshoots run by Croft studios in association with Sleek and other services. Food and drinks were served by Cake Swirl, Suhjuiced etc.

As I entered the gloriously filled hall,(ALONE! Girlfriends bailed out on me) I was approached by one of the reps from Iloxa (a modelling agency), which was definitely a confidence booster as I strutted around the packed auditorium, deciding to make the most out of the event and even meet new people.
Amongst the fashionable items sold, the main attraction were the trends spotted by my fellow spectators, you all looked fabulous! I mean it was a fashion event. For those present, you might just spot yourself in one these pictures. For those of you who could't make it, stay tuned for more info for the next fashion event.

Happy viewing!!

Definitely had to take one with the hot Uti from BB Africa (ladies, I'm sure he's single!)

A sister from another mother

Pretty sisters

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