Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pictures from The Afro Hair and Beauty Live Show

It was an exciting day for me as I rushed to get dressed for the much awaited, Afro Hair and Beauty Live Show. I have been growing an afro a year, you see, so imagine my joy when I hear the words "show" and "afro" in one sentence. So off I went, alighting at the closest tube station to the show venue, the Business Design Centre in Angel Islington. I was amazed by the huge stands that had been put in place displaying quite delectable products, all for afro hair!!! Side Note: By Afro, I don't just mean natural, unprocessed hair, I refer to all textures of African hair. Accompanied by my girlies, Tomi and Sunbo we strolled though the stall, in search of treats and tidbits for Afro hair.

That's me in the middle with Tobi and Sunbo

It was great attending such an event as this, that creates a platform for African/Afro Caribbean hair and beauty in London. It would have been nice if more attention was paid towards nappy natural hair, as there was more focus on wigs and weave-ons. However, there were products for hair and beauty as well as clothes and accessories. Many people were surprisingly nice and friendlier compared to events I have been to in Lagos. It was easier to compliment someone's outfit or hair or ask to take a picture with them.

The highlight of my day was meeting a lot of creative and beautiful African beauties(both men and women) and getting to watch the fashion show. I'm definitely looking forward to the next event. I think shows like this should happen more often.

Enough stories for now, enjoy the photos below.

I met the lovely Mumplus2 on my way to the event. Love her hair!

Thanks to the ladies at Mary Kay for a free makeover

TheNaprika, An Afrotastic lady and oh yeah that's me! The lady at Mary Kay though to me give me red lips as it matched my jacket (^_^)

Me and the gorge Trish of Britpopprincess

Ogo Ezeaka

For more information on the Afro Hair and Beauty Live Show, please visit www.afrohairshow.com.

Backstage Beauties at the MBGN 2011 Pageant

The 24th Edition of Nigeria's prestigious beauty pageant, Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN), instigated a varied reaction amongst the public viewers. For those who are not familiar, MBGN is an annual beauty pageant, where beautiful girls are chosen, represented by all 36 states in Nigeria. The winner will have the opportunity to represent Nigeria at the renowned Miss World competition. 

Where most believed Miss Taraba, who was crowned the winner, was not deserving of the coveted first position, the bottom line remains she received majority of the votes, from both the public and the judges, unless it was rigged.

As part of the competition, each contestant was expected to showcase ethnic wears from the state they represented. It was a colourful parade of culture and tradition, as the beauty queens rocked their tribal outfits.

Here are the girls backstage...

Nwando Ebeledike as Miss Adamawa

Feathered wings, brilliant escape strategy if things get too heated up!

Sophie Gemal as Miss Bayelsa

Gabriella Ndu as Miss Abia

Jennifer Igwegbe as Miss Gombe

Sophie in the makeup chair

Agatha Eriom as Miss Cross River

Kenechukwu Offiah as Miss Katsina

Miss Katsina

 Onabu Obehioye Liliane as Miss Edo

Miss Edo gets laced up

Mitchelle Ijeh as Miss Oyo

Chantelle Unachukwu as Miss Bauchi

Miss Deborah Enebeli as Miss Kano

Obioma Isiwu as Miss Enugu

Sylvia Menkiti as Miss Nasawara 

Ify Jewana as Miss Anambra

This is what the back looks like! 

Kome Osalor as Miss Akwa Ibom

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Le Petit Marche; The Documentary

Ever wondered how the back scenes at LPM worked and how they managed to put a fantastic show last December. Well you're just in luck! The LPM documentary for the December Grande Marche is ready, the LPM team wanted to share it with you fabulous customers! It shows the fashion event and market proper, as well as the model casting and other bits that went into creating the December event.


LPM Is At The SilverBird Galleria This June!!!

This June, your premier fashion & lifestyle market will be held at the SILVERBIRD GALLERIA!!!In preparation for the ‘revolution’ that we will be bringing your way in the coming months,The LPM Team have decided to join forces with Nigeria’s foremost entertainment collective to transform and enhance your summer shopping experience. The Silverbird Galleria is home to the widest range of entertainment in the country, offering you a combo of movies, restaurants, gaming for the kids, and this month, LPM!!!

So, come Sunday 26th of June, the atrium of the Galleria will be ‘ground zero’ for the June dose of everyone’s favorite vice!

This month's vendors:
Cam Cam Sweeties, JJ Arts & Craft, PoloCity, Fifemayo, NS1463, La’Tush, Virtue by FocusWear, Na’Tees, Beadazzle Accessories, Retrospective, Biddy’s Mondo, Aurora Collection, Llanis, Phoenix Online Clothing, Republic of Foreigner, Y. Craig, DivaNista, Prima Rouge, H.O.M.E. Designs, Oyanj Lingerie, Eznira Couture, Kuddy Cosmetics, Marayaho, Rouge Vallari, Jennie Loof, La Bennis

LPM June 2011
Date: Sunday 26th June 2011
Venue: Silverbird Galleria, Ahmadu Bello, Victoria Island, Lagos.
Time: 12 Noon – 7pm

For now we can enjoy pictures from last month.

Fave Stands

Accessories by Mo

Leather handbags by Maju

Vintage accessories from Retrospective

Handmade luxury bags by Azaria

Accessories by Tionni

Designs by Akpos Okudu
Yummy gummies from Cam Cam Sweet. One pot costs just N300!! LOVE!


Nnenna Eze

Ijeoma Ndekwu

Toni Tones

For enquiries, kindly send an email to info@lpmnigeria.com. We look forward to seeing you!!!