Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Backstage Beauties at the MBGN 2011 Pageant

The 24th Edition of Nigeria's prestigious beauty pageant, Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN), instigated a varied reaction amongst the public viewers. For those who are not familiar, MBGN is an annual beauty pageant, where beautiful girls are chosen, represented by all 36 states in Nigeria. The winner will have the opportunity to represent Nigeria at the renowned Miss World competition. 

Where most believed Miss Taraba, who was crowned the winner, was not deserving of the coveted first position, the bottom line remains she received majority of the votes, from both the public and the judges, unless it was rigged.

As part of the competition, each contestant was expected to showcase ethnic wears from the state they represented. It was a colourful parade of culture and tradition, as the beauty queens rocked their tribal outfits.

Here are the girls backstage...

Nwando Ebeledike as Miss Adamawa

Feathered wings, brilliant escape strategy if things get too heated up!

Sophie Gemal as Miss Bayelsa

Gabriella Ndu as Miss Abia

Jennifer Igwegbe as Miss Gombe

Sophie in the makeup chair

Agatha Eriom as Miss Cross River

Kenechukwu Offiah as Miss Katsina

Miss Katsina

 Onabu Obehioye Liliane as Miss Edo

Miss Edo gets laced up

Mitchelle Ijeh as Miss Oyo

Chantelle Unachukwu as Miss Bauchi

Miss Deborah Enebeli as Miss Kano

Obioma Isiwu as Miss Enugu

Sylvia Menkiti as Miss Nasawara 

Ify Jewana as Miss Anambra

This is what the back looks like! 

Kome Osalor as Miss Akwa Ibom


  1. Wow, this is spectacular! Such amazing costumes, I love it!

  2. Great pictures!! Lol at the wings and last headgear though

    The Corner Shop