Sunday, June 6, 2010

It's all about brooches!

Yours truly has taken to wearing brooches these days and I am amazed at how mature and grown up it makes me look!


I wear it to work on my jacket, on a jumper/cardigan or waistcoat and it automatically sophisticates my entire outfit and gives my ensemble a whole new look.

The great thing is they come in various shapes and designs, that way you can choose to match it with your outfit, or make a statement using one with a daringly bold design.

The First Lady of the United States makes a statement with a black and white monochrome flowered brooch

You can also pin it unto a clutch or purse for that glamorous look. For those of you who wear hats/berets, attach a brooch for that retro look.

Don't shy away from this beautiful piece of accessory because it may seem 'granny-ish' or old-fashioned. Be creative and proudly display your pretty pin!


  1. lets see pics of your brooches nah...

  2. Ladi, Im still building my collection, I'll put a pic up once its sizeable enuff! :p