Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Neks2u Investigates: Are all Ghanaian Guys this buff?!

Dare I say, Neks2u is not too impressed with the male goodies this side of the Coast has to offer. So, imagine my excitement when I was spotted Kofi. Unfortunately, his English wasn't too great. But, I managed to get some pictures of him.......with this shirt off! Whilst, feeling on his rock hard abs!!

Hmmmm, I feel a pulse......more like vibrations!!

What do you think? Rippling muscles and bulging biceps your type or not?


  1. Too buff for me oh!!!! But i bet it was fun taking these pictures Neks. Lol

  2. Too buff for me. I like a little definition, but no more than that. I did think your comment on his english was unnecessary though. Seeing as he was nice otherwise.