Sunday, November 21, 2010

Neks2u Style Spotter: A Ghanaian Wedding

My last weekend in the beautiful capital city of Accra included an impromptu invitation to a glamorous Ghanaian wedding. As enthralled as I was with the constant bustle of the metropolitan city, so was I with the culture and tradition involved in their marriages.

A traditional wedding is the first and initial step in the process to solidify the relationship. After, which a church ceremony is held , for further blessing and solemnization. The couple, family and well wishers then proceed for the ceremony, where refreshments are served, speeches given...... you know, the usual.

The final and most beautiful is an intimate dinner, where close friends and family are hosted by the couple to an array of traditional delicacies. SLURP!!

As usual, your beautiful blogger was able to capture the trends spotted at the event.


Mordern Prints

Arm Candied

One-armed beauties

Daring Minis

Classic and Chic

Flowing Maxis

Empire liners

Fluffy skirts

Purple haze

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