Friday, December 10, 2010

Neks2u Goes Shopping.... Le Petit Marché

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My debut into last week’s Sunday market in Lagos was met with much excitement and anticipation. Of course, I had been to a number of other fashion fair/exhibition type events, but not the highly praised Le Petit Marché, LPM for short.

For those of you who live in a cave have not heard of LPM, allow me the honours of breaking it down to you. LPM is a once in a lifetime month event, occurring every last Sunday of the month, where various designers, retailers, jewellers, even candy vendors, from far and wide convene together in one majestic building to display their wares for the public to feast their eyes on.

Is it apt to describe the shoppers present at this event as more glamorous and a tad bit overdressed than your usual flea market shoppers? Damn right! And they have every right to! You see ladies and gentlemen, this is not your everyday shopping outing. No no no. This is a fashion event, an avenue for socializing and lest you forget, the most important of all, shopping!!!

Thank you for shopping with us. Come again.

Pepper, Retrospective

Dami and Becca


Bumped into georgeous blogger Onyine,

Nicole and Ada, Our by Juliada

Emma Balogun, Candy Confectionaire



Chitty, Retrospective


Toyin and Princess

Errm, yes I go shopping with my mum!

Fabulous Stalls!

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