Thursday, January 20, 2011

Neks2u Style Steal: Sister Sister

(L-R) Pero Shonubi and Doyin Shonubi

Can you spot the difference? Indeed one can decipher the difference when it comes to these two gorgeous ladies. London based fashionista sisters, Pero and Doyin Shonubi share interests in fashion, yet there is a subtle difference in their sense of style and look.

Pero opts for casual glam and adds an edgy twist with her studded wedges.

Her swept back locks and chunky twist necklace invokes a bohemain feel to her ensemble

Doyin combines a plain white tank top with a zebra pint maxi skirt, which perfectly flatters her shape. She adds flair to the outfit with her gold plated chunky necklace and wrist cuff, cinching her waist with an reindeer studded belt. Absolutely fabulous!

Which of these styles would you steal?


  1. Thanks Miss Behaviour! I'm glad you love it :D

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  3. Googled my name this morning and came across this lovely post.

    I love your blog. I never knew this was for you. love it.

    Lovely post. I would steal my style all over again - typical.

    Doyin S