Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Battle of the Brothers...Who is the best performer...M.I. or Jesse Jagz?

Both artists on stage

The very talented brothers put down a very impressive show last night, in a battle to convince guests present at the Wear Africa Charity Ball to donate towards the Jos crises victims. Jesse Jagz opened with an acappella, his lyrics an impassioned plea to give for a good cause, prompting a standing ovation from the guests. Before exiting the stage, In walks M.I. and the crowd goes crazy, his presence eliciting a more fevered response from the guests.

Which brother do I prefer? That's a tough one to answer!

While Jesse Jagz projects a youthful enthusiam and vigour, M.I.'s raw energy and amazing ability to lead the crowd into a frenzy makes him my preferred brother.

I've got mad love for both guys though, they really do put up a good show!

Check out videos for great performances by both artist....

Jesse Jagz spits some hot lyrics

M.I. - Anoti


  1. both are'l b a hard one to to decide whose best.

  2. Of course MI is better and much more matured but jesse might have a longer future.
    I think jesse should focus on producing rather than being a rapper himself.
    But I guess we all want lime light.
    Well, well.

  3. They're both talented but if i had to choose, probably MI hehe. He's just cool. Wish i had been early enough to see their presentations :(