Monday, April 5, 2010

Daddy Showkey hits Princess in the bid to win GUS Celebrity Showdown

Episode 1, and there is already a fight! I am sure you can guess who was involved in this fight. An offending statement made by Muma Gee and directed at Princess was received with great anger. An unexpected twist to the fight occurs when Daddy Showkey attempts to placate both parties, however ends up on the chopping board as loud-mouthed Princess counter-attacks him verbally.

The argument carries on through to the completion of the first activity, which involved all the celebrities balancing one foot on a small wooden platform placed in the water, close to the shore. This activity was aimed at testing their tenacity and poise, disqualifying the first contestant that fails to maintain the position. Funke Akindele got disqualified, with Weird MC emerging as the winner.

In a move he may later regret, Daddy Showkey tries to make peace with Princess and ends up hitting her (he claims wasn’t on purpose). Whilst, this was going on the rest of the celebrities clambered on with the second task, involving painting a calabash signifying the existence of each celebrity on the show. Once a celebrity is evicted, he/she is expected to destroy the calabash (I’m not superstitious, but it seems quite ominous if you ask me) before leaving the camp. Daddy Showkey, attempting to right his wrongs in a ‘gentlemanly’ fashion, profusely apologising to Princess –“E ma binu, e ma binu” (“Don’t be offended, don’t be offended”), but to no avail, causing even more umbrage and more hollering

When asked their opinion on whom they perceive will be evicted, almost everyone indicated their dislike for Muma Gee (she does come off a bit as a diva) and their expectation of her being the first evictee, with an exception of Bob Manuel, who considers Princess's attitude as being “overbearing”.

Captain's Cove

The show progressed, as the contestants were required to convene at the ‘Captains Cove’, where issues are discussed and opinions aired. Genevieve Nnaji being the presenter of the show, assumes the role of the diplomatic pacifier and urges the celebrities to openly discuss their discords (she really is fishing for gossip), but she comes off as patronising.

My expectations of a suspense filled celebrity reality show fell slightly short, as the first contestant to be evicted was Funke Akindele, having been disqualified from the first task. No drum rolls or tense music to build up the eviction moment. Just a simple “Funke I’m sorry, you are expected to leave the camp”, which she willingly accepted. She really was a pleasant contender (nothing at all like the character she plays – Jenifa), with a courteous and friendly personality. She exited the camp, breaking apart her calabash in the process.

"OMG did you just say that?!!"

It seems some of the celebrities may struggle, especially the ‘Nollywoodies’, without having a script to read from. Here are some "OMG, did you just say that?!!" statements:

Emeka Ike – “Princess brings out the celebrity wittiness in us”.

Chioma Chukwuka-Akpotha- “Muma Gee, I don’t like her character but I like her as a person, as a human being, but as she goes about her daily activities, I don’t like”.

Daddy Showkey – “I’m not a violent person, because of the way I grow up. I believe I was trying make peace within them”.

Genevieve Nnaji – “We need to remember that we are public figures....we need to know that we are adults”.

Nevertheless, a few of the celebrities Bob-Manuel Udokwu, Dare Art Alade (he’s so lush!) and Weird MC are able to express themselves quite eloquently.

It will definitely be exciting to see who gets evicted next week.

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  1. LOL! i quite enjoyed reading this especially because I saw the show but didnt really note all those hilarious things that were said!