Sunday, April 18, 2010

Girls just wanna have fun!

One may struggle to find a perfect location or locations to drink and dance the night away in Abuja, outside of the usual spots frequented. Nevertheless, I was undeterred and took the plunge, visiting bars and clubs outside of my usual territory. Unfortunately, the saying “better the devil you know...”,rang true on Saturday night as I trailed through a number of bars and clubs with ill-tasting margaritas, ghastly music and an undesirable crowd! I vowed never to traverse beyond my realms of night life in Abuja, as to my discovery, one will only be left with great dissatisfaction at the end of the night and a deep yearning for that familiar terrain, the usual crowd, the DJ belting out the familiar tunes, “Pop Champagne” by Dr Sid comes to mind.

I will not list out the locations of which I endured these nightmarish encounters for fear of destroying the reputation of these places. Needless to say, one can easily locate one of them in the heart of our Capital City, positioned in the latest Entertainment Centre, the decor being the only element to contend with.

Therefore, I am left with a piddling dilemma of diversifying my nightlife experience in Abuja. I entrust you dear readers to help me out, where does a single girl go to have fun in this city?!

"D Sharon Pruitt" is credited as the original owner of the photo used in this post.


  1. Please save us from potential punishment and tell us the name of the club! Sometimes though, i find Abuja nightlife same old same old. But i guess it's all in the company

  2. Lol! asweetcakes, I gave a hint for one of there: "...positioned in the latest Entertainment Centre, the decor being the only element to contend with." Take a guess!!