Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to!

The best things about birthdays is that you get everything you ask for.....well, almost everything. The most important thing is enjoying that special day that only occurs every once in 365 days. The day everyone sends texts, emails, ecards, BBMs, Voicenotes, you get the gist, wishing you a happy birthday.

On my birthday,

I had one of these,

and one of these,

one of each,

didn't try this,

two of each,

three of these,

and six of these

N.B. These confectioneries were not finished in one day. Do not try to consume all in one day!!

Finally, the best for the last, a lovely dinner for two. Candle lights, soft piano tunes........ Sigh. Utter bliss!

Happy Birthday to my fellow July peeps! Be sure to enjoy your special day!



  1. Where was this? I need a dessert source apart from 'Cherries' when I relocate to abj.

    Thank God, I was beginning to get scared that you actually ate all of this in one day. Pheww!

    Happy birthday!!!

  2. Babe! Thank God you added that you didn't finish it in a day cause i was starting to get shocked lol. Good thing you had fun :D

    See ya

    And Happy Birthday

  3. LOL, Thanks guys. Ladi it was actually in Lagos, Chocolate Royale. Im sure there are other places to get get dessert in Abuja. Hmmm maybe I should do post on that...........