Thursday, July 8, 2010

No Sex in the City??

Sparkling outfits, not so sparkling performance

Amidst the busy work schedule, project deadlines, keeping up the social life, yours truly finally got some ME time to go see Sex And The City 2. Yes, I know, the movie has been out for a century! But with Ceddi only showing it at either 11oo, 1600 and 2100 hours, tell me when a working class girl is supposed to find time to go see the best movie out this spring/summer!

But I digress. The highly anticipated movie, leaving the rest of us civilians drooling at the fashion choices of our beloved Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte garnered high levels of negative review from movie critics and the general public alike. I had even read somewhere that the movie failed to deliver a sequential plot and was a haphazard chick flick with a disjointed storyline following the lives of four New york women and their dreadful fashion sense. Some even described the movie as a far cry from the modest SATC ladies we all grew to know and love.

Disjointed or no disjointed storyline, I knew I had to see the movie! I had seen the first one and willingly placed it on my top ten movie list. I cried hard, laughed hard and thought hard on the possibilities of raiding Carrie's shoe closet, running away with Samantha's man, stealing Miranda's job and Charlotte's adopted Asian baby.

So there I was, popcorn in hand, readily awaiting a renewal of my femininity, with just one glimpse of those Manolos. Here is my verdict.

Without a doubt, the first one proved more entertaining than its sequel. Where most scenes were unarguably cringe worthy, most of Stanford and Anthony's wedding and the Karaoke scene (it wasn't even their real voices!), I quite enjoyed approximately 126 mins of the entire 146 mins reel.

A few of my fave scenes:

Liza Minnelli's 'Single Ladies' performance, not bad for a sixty something year old

Where Samantha did not fail to exude her usual nymphomaniac character, I felt the passion lacking in all the sex scenes, even though her voice could be heard from a thousand miles away.

With a rumoured 41 to 48 costume change, a few of the outfits left a lot to be desired:

Knee length suede boots to an after party, yes, but to a red carpet movie premiere, I think not!

Off to the market. What to wear.......oooh I know! Why don't I pair my Vintage Dior T shirt, Zan posen prom dress and pink Manolos!

Two words: Why Carrie?

Definitely not a bad way to spend a Wednesday evening, I mean what did I expect, it was a sequel!

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