Monday, July 19, 2010

Neks2u Exclusive: Fusion Lifestyle Quaterly Shopping Event

The Fusion Lifestyle team presented their BIGGEST shopping event on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th of July 2010.

The two day event provided an arena for Fashion designers to display their latest collections and participants also got a chance to win fabulous prizes!
The event in pictures.....

Samiah Oyekan-Ahmed, Founder of Fusion Lifestyle

A few designer wears on display

Michael Chibogx, Thoughts on Tees

Iconola, Fashion and Interior Design

Tutupie Kari, CEO and designer, Coco'Couture

Jewellry Designer

Njideka Odili, Kazelo pearls

Jennifer Adighije, House of Silk

Ianthe Beauty

Leries Accessories

Happy Fusion shoppers

Food for life, YUMM!!!!

Cupcake Cutie, BIGGER YUMM!!!

A few participants............
Lovely in white

These gals put the skinny in skinny jeans!

Cute couples: Adaeze and Adannia, Grace and Sophia

Arm Candy: Adannia spotting a JamesLULLY bag

The guys didnt look too bad either: Emeka, James aka Esko and Edward

Fashionistas in the house!

Adanna's Collection

Happy shoppers find love...................

Other designers features include: dzyn COUTURE, Gladrags, Scentuals, Candy Cabin, Amen Boutique, Sleek Cosmetics, Selara and many more.

To the Fusion team, roll on the next event!!


  1. Thanks Nneka but just a few corrections.
    Photo Its Iconola, not oconola.
    and rose of sharon didnt participate! lolll!
    Thanks a lotttttt tho!!!!xoxo!

  2. Nice blog lady.Your fusion update is uber cool.We should hook-up soon. -Gladrags!!!

  3. Are cupcake cuties' cupcakes yummy or affordable? I loveeee cupcakes!!!

    Moving to Abuja in 2 weeks, so excited and nervous! Might be at the next Fusion!!!!