Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fela! The Fashion Legend

To most people, Fela was a music icon, a political activist, a brilliant lyricist and composer, albeit provoking and vulgar. However, after sitting through the amazing performance that was the award winning, FELA! musical in Lagos, depicting his life and music, it became clear that this man, was not just all the things listed above, he was also a fashion inspiration. Even BeyoncĂ©, queen of fashion and RnB acknowledged him, let's not cry over the blackface anymore.

Colourful attires worn by the dancers

The performance saw Fela's character, played by Sahr Ngaujah exhibiting a selection of outfits all inspired by the musical legend himself. Here are a few favorites:

His distinct style of matching tapered pants and buttoned shirt is presented here. This intricately embroidered sky blue outfit, a saxophone slung around his neck screams cool and effortless.

It's not hard to see why the ladies fell for him

White on white never never looked so cool, especially when made to look like he is soaring through the air.

His mother may have instilled a sense of fashion into him

The shirtless look was one of Fela's personified style. The colourful mix of geometric prints running through the length of this snug pink pants, certainly culminates the fashion statement of the show.

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  1. Wish i could watch it. Let them bring this over to Abj nau? :(