Sunday, May 15, 2011

Neks2u Label Love: Vintage Renegades by Ms Makor

A luxury brand that has been in existence since 2010, Ms Makor have been experimenting on various cuts and shapes, providing services to private clients and creating single unique pieces. This label fuses fashion and art with couture-like craftsmanship,ornate fabrics,structure, bold detailing, which are the signature of the brand.

Anita Adebisi, CEO Ms Makor

"We pride ourselves in the intricacy of our work, hand-craftsmanship and finishing" according to Anita Adebisi, Creative Designer/CEO of the brand. It is a brand that caters to women who understand how to work fashion with style. A Ms Makor lady embraces avant garde fashion and understands simple elegance. The label gets its inspiration from unique items with timeless beauty, giving each piece an old fashioned charm. In 2010, Ms Makor designed a collection for DAVIVA for the advert campaign of their new fabrics. 

Ms Makor proudly presents the debut collection, Vintage Renegades. This collection was made to show the art of the brand. It shows elements which the label is centered around, that is clean structural cuts, ornate fabrics, couture-like craftsmanship with a fun/playful approach.

In this collection, we see an array of classic,edgy long/short pieces, the use of leather, deep clean cuts, bold detailing, colour, and ankara shoes.

The collection name is inspired from an achive of vintage prints and lends an eccentric edge to classical feminine style,each piece havin a old fashioned charm.This collection is made up of a 2 part series, this been the first part. The second part will be released soon as a video presentation. It will showcase more pieces from the collection as well as more ankara printed flats&heels.

The label will be selling at LPM from May 2011.

Styling by Nata's Sensation:
Makeup by Divas Makeup Studio:
Photography by Ossai:
Picture layout/graphics by Kole: albert2kolimo@hotmail
Models: Rani,Genevieve and Maki

For more information, please contact Ms Makor at Old Banex Plaza ext FC38, Wuse 2, Abuja; Tel: 08035062284; email:


  1. Woah! So beautiful. Who can I befriend to get those maxi dresses?

  2. really luxurious. these pieces are exquisite. good spying lady

  3. Really beautiful pieces!!

    Fashion Rehab

  4. Beautiful!!! Are you sure i won't feature them. They know what's up. Love the first outfit and the shoes best


  5. VERY impressed! Great versatile, wearable work.

  6. this is creativity. u r living my dream. all d best.