Sunday, May 22, 2011

Neks2u Style Spotter: Dapper in Denim

The phrase, denim suits, automatically brings to mind a then tacky Justin Timberlake and his equally tacky ex, Britney Spears in matching denim outfits. However, it has now been confirmed that a dapper look is highly achievable with denim.

Fashion Artist, Mai Atafo

We often associate suits with the usual cotton, polyester or tweed fabric. What we love about this trend, is that one can be dressed head to toe in denim and still look stylish and super cool!

The key to maintaining the gentlemanly look is in the cut. Make sure to fit your suit before purchasing. A pocket square or brooch can be added to make it more dressy. 

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Stockists: Mai Atafo Inspired;

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  1. Cool! But it looks like a softer denim. Berra oh- not that really hard jeans one