Monday, July 11, 2011

And Your Music Meets Runway Hosts For The Evening....

Banky W and Toolz on stage

... Award winning RnB Artist Banky W and On-Air personality Tolu Oniru, aka Toolz. The public wondered who the host of the highly anticipated fashion show, Music Meets Runway, after American model Amber Rose, originally billed to host the show, had tweeted that she had "no idea about any appearances" . The organizers of the show were pleased to bring on board Toolz, radio host and personality of The Beat 99.9fm to co-host the show with male  RnB crooner, Banky W, aka Mr. Capable.

It was a perfect match, as the chemistry between the two hosts was clear. Miss "MEGN - Most Endowned Girl in Nigeria", as Banky fondly referred to his co-host, had limited time to rehearse, yet she was graceful and articulate in hosting the show. Both of them did a brilliant job anchoring, but of course it would have been quite difficult to take ones eyes of Miss Toolz in that form-fitting red dress.

Hand in hand, the hosts walk off the stage.

Toolz in 2nd outfit for the show

Curves toh badt gan

More pictures from the show coming soon.


  1. ahhhhhhhhhh See bum!!!

    Figure 8!

  2. She has a correct figure 8 but her dresses are very blah.

  3. I'm sorry, her HAIR is not looking GREAT. Maybe she can order Flexi-rod rollers from us! for N750 (hehehehe) but her BODY IS SICK!

  4. i REMEMBER that walk!!! Oh MY DAYS!!! at first i was dang she's busty, then dang she got an ass lol. her and banky were pretty cool.

  5. GADDAM!! *LuvStruck* :D when did toolz get this endowed....she looks so different now (awesome kinda different);)

    Nice piece dear!