Monday, July 11, 2011

Sasha P Does Colour Blocking at Music Meets Runway

Nigerian female rapper Sasha P, who is also Brand Ambassador for Samsung took to the stage on Saturday, 9th July at the Music Meets Runway Fashion Show, sponsored by Samsung, to promote the brand. The First Lady of Nigerian hip hop was spotted looking colourful in a jacket, bustier and trouser combo, taken from her fashion line, Eclectic by Sasha. Sasha exudes confidence as she combines two of this season's fashion trends, lace and colour blocking.

Blocked shoes

What do you think? To colour block or not to colour block?


  1. omigosh.... i love the colours..!!
    colour blocking is cool..!! detest colours..?? GO NUDE AND GO HOME,MANNN..!!

  2. love the colour blocking! colour block all the way!

  3. bad fabric, good color combination, if she wanted green bottoms she could have gotten green skinny jeans or straight jeans at a store for a cheap price and look richer than she does :/ ...tacky outfit :( shaming the poor designer/ tailor that made these pieces lol