Friday, April 15, 2011

Hair and Beauty Report at Yemi Kosibah

Backstage at the Yemi Kosibah bridal show was filled with drama. Dramatically gorgeous models that is!
Drama in the face. Smokey, drawn out eyes and matte red lips.
Drama in the hair. Complicated and intricately braided up-does.

Model, Marvis Offor gets her makeup done

Now this is what Ms Banks refers to as "Smiling with the eyes"

Braids like a rollercoaster

Braids so big, it needed the strength of two men!

Zulu Onuekwusi

Aisha Danjuma

Designer Yemi Osunkoya poses with the models

So I wondered what the models were so engrossed by...

Yes my issue of WOW magazine. Let's say I got it back, with ahem some pages lost in the struggle.

Watch this space for more pictures from the show.


  1. I'm impressed with the makeup and hair 'designers' oh. Lovely pictures Neks


  2. Love this look!!beautiful models and i like the hair

  3. OMG WE LOOOOOVVVEEE THIS POST! Def. saved some of the pictures! I love the braids and ponytail, very creative and original!