Saturday, April 2, 2011

High Street Brand "EsOsa" Presents Fashion for the Workplace

Creating a perfect blend between fashionable and professional may seem a bit daunting. Let your style shine in the workplace and check out these fabulous wares from high street female brand “EsOsa”.

EsOsa caters to all your corporate needs, by focusing on work wear, casual and nighttime apparels, all locally produced! EsOsa is trendy and affordable, catering to all female sizes.

You can order now via email quoting product code and delivery address (currently within Lagos and Abuja), contact mobile number and preferred period of delivery. Payments are made at the point of delivery.

A full ecommerce website and international delivery coming soon. Watch this space :

For now check out their Facebook fan page and place your orders!


  1. luving this tres much ☺

  2. LOVES This!! Great find! Hope you don't mind me trying to poach them for a feature :D :D


  3. loving this collection but i wish they'd spend as much time on the production of the garments as on the selection of the models for their campaign. Lovely women but not really selling the brand to me...

    BLEURGH & Xisses