Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Guests at the Arise Magazine Fashion Week, Day 4

Finally, Day 4 came! The finale to the season that was Arise Magazine Fashion Week. There were mixed feelings of relief for all those who had worked tirelessly in making the event a success and nostalgia for departing from the location most people had grown accustomed to for four days! It truly was a unique experience for everyone involved, from the designers, to stylists, makeup artists, photographers to the guests. Roll on September, we certainly cannot wait to see the African designers that have been selected to showcase at the New York Fashion Week!

A big shoutout to these guys! They were such troupers, running from one tent to another, ensuring they captured all aspects of the show.

Now unto the guests...

Nacha Kama

Zainab Fashola in Akpos Okudu

Adejoke Adepashe
Helen Adegbite

Esosa Anenih

Itoro Udo

Linda Ikwesi

Eleanor Goodey

Temi Melissa

Kemi Solomon

Kunbi Oyelese

Nkechi Obichere

Eku Edewor of Studio 53xtra interviews Kelechi Amadi-Obi

Helen Jennings

Nkiru Adekoya

Carmen Ohen

Ronami Egirani

Ese James

Onyinda Fakeye

Alfred Obande, Temikayo and Tsemaye Binitie


  1. Wow you really covered the whole fashion week. :). I hope there would be one next year.

    Fashion Rehab

  2. So many beautiful women. I am so proud of this event. Cannot wait for the gala in New York. Will you be attending?

  3. They all look wonderful. So many outfits i want to steal. I bet you were the prettiest media personality there babe :D


  4. @ Fashion Rehab I hope so too. It was mad exciting covering the event.

    @Fashion Me Chic I can't wait for New York as well! :D

    @Adiya Thank you my love! You are far too kind!

  5. love the fuschia and orange combo on Nacha kama

  6. I like Onyinda's fringe dress.
    Great job with the event recap!

  7. 1 picture is fabulous i love color bloking style

  8. I am seriously loving the par on which the nigerian fashion game has stepped up! SO proud to be nigerian :)

    BLEURGH & Xisses