Monday, March 21, 2011

Neks2u Style Steal - Arise Magazine Fashion Week Special: Bola Obileye

Bola Obileye, Managing Editor of one Nigeria's largest publications and a true fashionista attended the Arise Magazine Fashion Week, channeling haute couture. She stays true to her style by combining designer pieces with vintage and African wax. Bola's choice of accessories are very eclectic, yet she maintains a neutral colour tone.

Bola Obileye

Beautiful Brooch by Patrick Ayanski

White Tie Blouse by Samantha Cole

The blouse modeled on the runway

Vintage accessories

A leather belt cinches in the waist and creates a blend in the blouse and print skirt

Stud detailed clutch

Love the almost detached cone heels

Check out Bola's fabulous blog called Seriously Doughnuts


  1. lovely detached cone heels and lovely blouse... will love to wear or get something like that. good job.

  2. Uhm, not really feeling her ensemble. The only thing i'd wear with that showy blouse would be tight black trousers. Or maybe i'm just understated :p


  3. i really like that metallic stud clutch!

    thanks for the comment btw :)