Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Arise Magazine Fashion Week Style Report: Alexander Amosu blings out the Runway

Alexander Amosu, I must confess, is a man after my heart. He is a designer, yes, but not a fashion designer. He creates bespoke suits for both women and women, but then does not necessarily place Amosu in the fashion category, yet he was able to showcase in what can be termed as the biggest fashion event in Nigeria.

Alexander is a true entrepreneur. He launches business ventures with a high possibility of maximum return. From becoming the number one provider of ringtones in the UK to designing the world’s most expensive suit, as awarded by the Guinness World Records, Amosu has been able to amass recognition for his business acumen and capabilities.

Amongst all the designers, showcasing last week, his was interestingly different. Alexander has turned his love for technology into a means of generating revenue by customising already popular technology products, e.g. the iPad. Thus, making these products even more desirable!

The World's Most Expensive Suit. Hence the big white guy behind, just incase a guest attempts to steal it.

The man himself, Alexander Amosu

Photo Credits: Neks2u Photography

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  1. So...it's my first time here and I'm already in love with you blog...so following you hun...

    Ever since I watched a special on A. Amosu, I kinda love his ambitiousness but I think he's a bit corky though...lol
    But as always he goes for the top and always got his swag on.