Thursday, March 17, 2011

Arise Magazine Fashion Week Style Report: My Name is Walé

Not the American Rapper. Walé Adeyemi, a recipient of an MBE for his services to fashion is the creative mastermind behind fashion label B-Side. Aided by an upbeat, funky house soundtrack, Walé's show was youthful and electrifying (play the soundtrack below while viewing the pictures to get the full effect). One could feel almost feel the energy emanate from the models showcasing his pieces. It was no surprise the standing ovation he received from the audience. From androgynous pieces for women to preppy, laid back garments for men, B-side is extremely trendy and über cool. Featuring statement pieces, such as the bow tie, cuffed pants, asymmetrical hoodies and patterned cardis, Walé brings a bit of that London flavour to Lagos.

Walé Adeyemi

Play soundtrack below:


  1. The ladies look so bossy! I like :)

    Fashion Rehab

  2. I like the androgynous look of the bald female model!

  3. I LOVE this collection!! That first girl looks great


  4. I really love Wale's speaks to me...especially the girls...

    btw @ Corner're everywhere to