Monday, March 14, 2011

Arise Magazine Fashion Week Style Report: Tsemaye Binitie goes Back to Black For A/W 2011

Nigerian designer Tsemaye Binitie, who is also based in London creates the perfect look for women this Autumn/Winter 2011, by taking into consideration the different climates of both Nigeria and the United Kingdom. Beginning with see through lace maxi dresses to heavily furred coats to tailored dresses, some with lace patterns on the hip bone. Tsemaye takes his inspiration from Nigeria, especially the colourful ways in which the women express themselves through their clothing.

Tsemaye admits to designing the prints himself, having bought a vintage scarf from Portobello Market London, he proceeded to add little details of embroidery and prints that are manifested in a few of his pieces. This line is easily wearable, with demure yet sexy shapes that are extremely flattering.

A post graduate of Fashion and Technology from the University of Kingston and having worked with Stella McCartney, Burberry and a few others, Tsemaye is no novice to the fashion industry, thus he has been selected as one of the few designers that will be showcasing Spring/Summer 2012 collection in New York, this year September and boy are we excited!

Here are the pictures from the runway.

Agbani Darego closes the show with Tsemaye (behind) and sister, Temikayo Binitie

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