Friday, March 18, 2011

I didn't know men wore pearls

With a massive influx of fashion into the Nigeria, from all over, East, West and with the recently concluded Arise Magazine Fashion Week, we begin to notice a shift in the way our men dress. With the term 'metrosexual' used loosely nowadays, it is hard to pinpoint the real reason a modern man dresses a certain way. Is he truly a metrosexual, who pays extra attention to what he wears, makes an effort to look good and is unashamed to enjoy good style and living? At what stage of a man's dressing do we begin to question his sexuality? Do we look at a guy in skinnies and a tight shirt and suspect his tendency to swing the other way?

I'm of the opinion that fashion should be used as a medium to express one's self, creativity and freedom. Fashion is liberal, exhilarating, no bars held. Therefore, when does it become an epic fail, a faux pas, on the receiving end of inward cringes and sniggers? One may suggest that the clothing industry, where the men are predominantly gay produce these clothes to make homosexuality more acceptable. Thus, if a straight man can rock a pair of skinny jeans and pumps, we may become more receptive towards homosexuals who were already rocking these outfits.

Fashion has evolved so much over the last decade, from the flared trouser of the 70s to the baggy jeans in the 90s and now the skinny jeans rule in 2011. Artists like Prince and Boy George, trailblazers of this look, set the scene way before Kanye knew what lurex jumpsuits looked like. Men are now able to wear bright colours, short shorts and cleavage baring blouses. So who are we to blame?  But fashion as we know, is dynamic and ever changing. Therefore, like every other trend, we may get to experience an even deeper level of it - i.e. shorter shorts and rainbow colours or a complete move unto the next best thing.

Please enjoy a clip of one my favorite cartoons, The Boondocks.

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  1. ok so dunno what to make of that.... SHE-MALE!!! im sorry but that is bit OTT. All he needs is pair of boobs and then he's good! that is just a bit toooo much fashion for one man. Be it straight or not. C'mon now.