Thursday, March 17, 2011

Arise Magazine Fashion Week Style Report: Buki Akib presents 'FELA'

Buki Akib

Buki Akib unveils her capsule collection 'FELA' inspired by the late Fela Anukolapo Kuti on Day 2 of the Arise Magazine Fashion Week. As the Fela tracks played and the models walked unto the runway adorned by these artistic pieces, it was hard to imagine how a feminine natured lady would create such tribal and masculine designs. But of course, Buki attended the prestigious Central St Martin College of London and was inspired by the afrobeat, sex and rock and roll of Fela's era. Therefore, the rational behind combining such intricate and colourful patterns can be justified. Also calling to attention, her recent win of the Young Designer of the Year award at the AMFW Awards Show. This collection is rich in texture, punctuated with cotton, silk and lurex yarns, captures the true essence of African culture, channeled through Fela's style.

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