Sunday, March 13, 2011

South African Designers, Klûk CGDT are Outstanding at the Arise Magazine Fashion Week

Move over Vera Wang, the African Kings of wedding dresses have arrived! Malcolm Kluk and Christiaan Gabriel du Toit are the masterminds behind the label, Klûk CGDT and they showcased a delicious selection of Haute Couture wedding gowns, combining lace and chiffon and satin, invoking luxurious femininity. Also included in their line, were beautifully coloured silk kimonos, evening gowns and printed tunics. The South African designers were awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award in Fashion at the AMFW Award Show.

Photo Credits: Neks2u Photography


  1. WOW Neks. This coverage is great. SO proud of you :D

    I love that white collection. My best pic is the model with the white Chinese umbrella


  2. Thanks Adiya! The gowns looked so gorgeous! They were amazing!

  3. What a gorgeous collection! Wow. Wow. Wow.

    Great job with the coverage of AMFW!

  4. Well done! These pictures invoke the dignity of the models and the sophistication of the designs.