Friday, April 15, 2011

Neks2u Style Steal - Mai Atafo

This is our first ever male feature on Neks2u Style Steal and we are excited it's the über fashion director/designer extraodinaire, Mai Atafo. Crowned Style Icon by Nigeria's notable fashion weekly, Allure, Mai's style is edgy and eclectic.

Mai Atafo

Caught on a night out, Mai perfects the smart casual look in a plain shirt, navy blazer, of course one of his creations and denim trousers. A pair of wide rim frames is added for that geeky chicness.

Mai Atafo Inspired crested blazer

Scuffed leather shoes... so rugged and manly! There's also a hint of playfulness as seen in his navy blue striped socks.

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  1. He looks great. Loving the blazer. Very classic look