Saturday, April 9, 2011

Neks2u Style Report: Spring Delights at the "Meet and Greet with iamISIGO and Orange Culture" Event

Wana Sambo opens the fashion show

The models take their turn on the runway. Step by step they march, pose for the press and walk back to the starting point, before heading into the alcove leading backstage, making way for the next model in line. Once this is over, they march en mass, giving the guests and press one more eyeful of the designer's pieces, after which the designer picks a model and graces everyone with his/her presence. Now, this is a crucial moment, as at this stage, the reaction of the audience will determine how well the designs have been received. It was no different on Sunday 3rd April 2011, as 6 designers showcased at the Meet and Greet with Iamisigo and Orange Culture.

In Adebayo Oke-Lawal's case, it was obvious how his designs had been received. The Creative designer behind the label, Orange Culture received a standing ovation as he stepped unto the runway, leggy model in tow.

Adebayo Oke-Lawal, Orange Culture

Adebayo describes this collection, which is his first as ''Heartbreak is never the end but the beginning of something new, somethin better, BLACK,WHITE AND RED, love always heals''. This collection is very sentimental, as each piece speaks of a period in his life (for example the story telling pieces, which have words written on them, the most VIVID definition of each piece being something personal). The collection was inspired by different heartbreak stories - how it may seem like life would never go on (black), a fresh start (white) and knowing that actual healing is to love again (red). The collection was built to help those who feel like they would never love again. "I want them to feel and to know that it can only get better from here" the young designer explains. Thus the ready to wear collection is entitled ''The Heartbroken''. It is a very relatable collection as he is sure everyone has been through heartbreak or knows someone who has. "The pieces are simple, unique and well me!" 

Accessories from Play by Paronelli

The show also featured four other new designers.
Warning: This post is overloaded with pictures of bright colours and prints! Well what do you expect? It is spring!

iamISIGO by Bubu Ogisi 
The story behind the collection
The world always has a story to tell. The collection was inspired by the word 'poseur' meaning; to adapt to a clan, group or culture (subculture). From the collection, Gbugbemi Ogisi, Head Designer, made a subcollection called The News, as with all the stories around the world, "we find ourselves adapting to conflict and violence, we find ourselves adapting to the lies the government feeds us, the way we adapt to such frivolity in essence becomes the news and a way of life"

From the Le poseur collection iamISIGO brings to you ''The News''.

Souza by Tolu Da Souza

This collection entitled the "Celebration of Sunlight", is a nature inspired collection of 10 pieces. Thus the major use of the colours: orange, green and brown, which are all colours of natural elements in our immediate environment. Creative Designer behind the label, Tolu Da Souza attempts to blend urban (satin, chiffon) and local (aso oke) materials to create an elegant modern look for the stylish woman in dresses, skirts and jumpsuits. The pieces are elegant, chic and playful.

Tolu Da Souza, Souza

Diamonds and Dust by Amaka Ukegbu

Amaka Ukegbu showcased a sneak peak of her first collection at tutto di me, meaning "all of me". The collection is a transformation story of a tom boy to a girl and finally a lady! Vintage, flirty and chic.

Amaka Ukegbu, Diamonds and Dust

Wana Sambo by Wana Sambo

The Wana Sambo ''Light as Air '' F/W'11 collection was inspired by the french riviera and the change in seasons. The simple silhouettes express the sophistication of a modern french woman. The collection is fun, flirty and elegant.

Wana Sambo, Wana Sambo

Fablane by Derin

The vidavoom collection theme was inspired by the edgyness of a woman, with an addition of vintage to the outfits. The story behind the collection is the sophistication of a woman. Derin, Creative Designer  behind the label, explains the origin of the collection name, Vidavoom, as a decision to bring the 80's back and mix it up with the present trends. The meaning of the phrase 'Vida Voom' lies in attitude and energy. It describes a woman who is bold, strong and in your face without loosing any of her femininity. The name Vidavoom calls for a lot of attention as most of the outfits are daring and is highly noticeable when worn. leaving the woman looking fabulous, classy and a showstopper. "When sketching the Vidavoom collection all I had in mind was it must be camera ready, comfortable, edgy and trend setting"

Derin, Fablane

The Guests

Jenifer Umeh and a friend

Pile, Wande and Rolake Job

Wandi Obanya and Kesiena Buluku

Ademide Adefarasin and Lara Ogungbemile

Layole Oyatogun

Zainab Ashadu

Ifeanyi Dike Jr. 

Maryham Hayatu-Deen and Iyabo Akindele

Tayo Shonekan

Kehinde Otitoju

Shem Paronelli

Ugonna Umeruo


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