Saturday, April 23, 2011

Neks2u Label Love: Geeks and Stitches

One may find it difficult to find a correlation between science and fashion, as they are two completely different industries. But what happens when both worlds collide, to present an amazing fusion that embodies the beauty and creativity that comes out of scientific thinking.

European based Nigerian Designers, Natasha Oyibo and Julie Okiro, creators behind the label, Geek and Stitches, merge the sensuality of fashion and the innovative nature of science. Geeks & Stitches was first conceptualised in 2006 after these two fashion crazy geeks decided to infuse their knowledge of science into fashion. This brand has been designed to electrify your wardrobe with its individuality.

 "As we grow we intend to draw our inspiration from the endless pool of science. We hope to capture the imaginations of fashion forward shoppers with our in-house designed and hand made collections."

Here's a peak at their latest collection.

For more information on shopping Geeks and Stitches, please visit


  1. lovely...thanks for this am so going to shop..

  2. Lovely! Their designs are so pretty. Saw them somewhere and i'm targeting them lol. When the time is right anyway.


  3. Love the bow outfit, thanks for sharing. :)

    The Cat Hag