Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Neks2u Label Love: Akpos Okudu reveals Cocktail Hour

If you all remember, Neks2u presented a sneak peek of Akpos Okudu's latest collection. Well, imagine our excitement when we got a hold of the full lookbook with all the designs from the collection, Cocktail Hour.

A History and Diplomacy graduate from the University of Port Harcourt, Akpos Okudu is the Head Designer and Creative Director of  her eponymous label. Amidst her busy schedule, the lovely designer was able to have a chat with us to discuss her new collection, plans for her label and the joys of being a fashion designer.

Akpos Okudu, at the LPM #Buy Nigerian Edition December 2010

N2U: Great work on the new collection. What was your inspiration?
AO:  This collection pays homage to my love for cocktails and colour. I remember seeing colourful Lorries around PH (Port Harcourt) and it instantly hit me; that could totally be a dress. That obviously left a picture in my head because after I saw that I started noticing more colourful objects, like my rusty generator and stuff like that. All that basically influenced the colour palette, shape and look of the pieces.
N2U: Wow! How very insightful! At what age did you get into fashion?
AO: Fashion has always been a part of my life, growing up I made clothes for my dolls from the left over fabrics from my grand ma's shop. As I grew older I started making clothes for my friends and later, their friends. it slowly transitioned into a business, it wasn't  really intentional.
N2U: So have you had any formal training in fashion or design
AO:  I worked for a full year at an informal sewing programme at a family friend’s sewing outlet in PH. I haven’t had any formal training with any designer.
N2U: Which designer would you like to work with, both locally and internationally?
AO: 1would love to work with Deola Sagoe, Alber Elbaz of Lanvin or Elie Saab, Now, that would be amazing! I’m also a big fan of Jewel by Lisa and internationally, I love Marchesa, Zac Posen, Diane Von Furstenberg and more.  
N2U: Outside of fashion, what are you other interests and hobbies?
AO: I really love Art, photography, style writing. If I wasn’t a designer I would be working along those lines.
N2U: Well that explains your creativity. You are currently serving (NYSC) as well. How do you manage to juggle all this work?
AO: My passion for designing is what inspires me. I’m inspired by so much, it’s amazing. I have a great love for contemporary art, vintage jewellery. However, I’m most inspired by fabric, texture and colour. When I see a gorgeous print, I instantly get a rush; I get super excited and instantly know what I want to do with the fabric. It’s almost like the fabric speaks to me (Laughs). It can get a bit crazy at times, but I strive to stay driven and focused.
N2U: Which celebrities have worn your pieces?
AO: We have been lucky to have dressed Aunty Joke Sylva, Aunty Adesuwa Oyenokwe, Omowunmi  Akinifesi, Zara Okpara, Stephanie Okereke and a few others.
N2U: That must have been exciting. What other celebrities would you like to wear your pieces?
AO: For me it’s not really about who wears my designs, it’s more about how people feel when they wear them; I want people to wear my pieces because they like them and feel good in it.

N2U: What are your plans and aspirations for this year and beyond?
AO: To be a fore runner in chic, feminine pieces. I want to produce clothes that women love to wear, want to wear and can wear. Also, for Akpos Okudu to be an instantly recognizable brand, the world over. We are working towards opening our outlet by the end of the year. We also we have an accessory line in the works. We will be launching our Akpos Okudu bimonthly shopping parties. Watch this space for more information about this.

For more information on acquiring any of these lovely pieces, log unto http://www.akposokudu.com/ to shop online or send orders to order@akposokudu.com. Presently, all items are sold either at the Akpos Okudu showroom in Port Harcourt or via trunk shows or mini shopping exhibitions.


  1. These are so lovely!! I'm checking her website. The photos look like they were fun to shoot!


  2. These are so lovely!! I'm checking her website. The photos look like they were fun to shoot!