Friday, February 11, 2011

Neks2u Label Love: Modern designs from ALALI Boutique

Young and refreshing label, ALALI Boutique, is owned by Nigerian Designer, Oroma Cookey-Gam. With a law degree from the University of Northumbria and a former student of the prestigious Central St Martins College London, Miss Cookey-Gam describes the ALALI Boutique as an exclusive and affordable, ready to wear clothing label for women.

Oroma Cookey Gam, Creative Director, Alali Boutique

Creative Director and Head Designer, Miss Oroma's major inspiration is fabric and colours. "I see a piece of fabric and fall in love with it and once that happens the creation process begins in my mind. ALALI Boutique clothes are pretty and chic and the ALALI Boutique woman has a subtle edge to her. She never tries too hard but is always recognised."

There is no official ALALI Boutique collection yet. All the featured clothes are from the sample range. However the debut collection is due out at the end of February. It is a bit more upbeat than the clothes from the sample range but still channels the main features of an ALALI piece. Expect pretty colours with lots of silk and chiffon!  

For more information, go to Also visit the ALALI Boutique facebook page