Monday, February 28, 2011

Neks2u Label Love: ROFFIANY by Rofiat Anibaba

When it comes to fashion, New York based Nigerian designer Rofiat Anibaba is definitely making waves! Her fashion label, ROFFIANY (an amalgamation of her first and last name) features a number of versatile pieces catering to men, women and children! ROFFIANY fuses African prints to create modern looks, from customised T-shirts to evening dresses, which can be worn to any outing.

The label was established in 2008, and a Fashion Show in April 2009 launched the clothing line.

Head Designer, Rofiat has always loved and appreciated fashion. Starting with creating designs for her personal style, “My inspiration comes from so many things, for example; from my personality, from the environment, from people's thoughts and also African Fabric.” 

Rofiat Anibaba, Head Designer, ROFFIANY
Currently working on a number of inititatives for her label, Rofiat plans to open a studio for the purpose of displaying lovely creations from the label. She also plans to release photo and video shoots of her 2011 collection.

For more information on the label and on how to order, visit the ROFFIANY Facebook page.

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  1. Nice. I like the little blue dress best. And that baby is just too cute lol