Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Neks2u Label Love: Bunmi Koko launches Kaleidoscopia at London Fashion Week

A favourite from the London Fashion Week, Neks2u was highly impressed with this young Nigerian designer, Bunmi Olaye and was interested in finding out the inspiration behind such an eclectic mix of stylish yet colourful collection.

The label, Bunmi Koko is an exciting new womenswear brand that launched at Vauxhall Fashion Scout during London Fashion Week last season.

The AW11 collection Kaleidoscopia silhouette is true to Bunmi Koko’s style - strong, powerful and feminine with soft draping and sculptural silhouettes.

Inspired by the scientific and philosophic discoveries of light, from stars to optical phenomena’s such as rainbows, supernovas, mirages and comets, this seasons collection reflects the discoveries of light found using a glass prism. Also mirroring the manipulation of imagery through instruments such as kaleidoscopes the collection has an organic and geometric outlook.

The collection reveals unusual surface textiles that have a reflective nature such as fibre optics combined with hints of patent leather with a polarized effect and 3D prints that play on the kaleidoscopic illusions. Fabrics are vast in combination; printed silks and velvets, perforated metallic and patent leather, fringing, appliqués, lambskin, Swarovski crystal, lurexed and plain wool, organza, silk jersey accessorized with phosphorescent elements, coloured and clear crystal with sequins.

The colours of the electromagnetic spectrum form the palette of the collection with accents of ultra violet shades of pink, orange, green and blue, as well as a kaleidoscope of patterns and geometry creating an illusionary twist.

The style is intelligent sophistication with an edge. Think witty, powerful and domineering with a scientific and futuristic undertone.

Photo Credit: Simon Deiner
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